My Holiday is Christmas

Photo courtesy of Katherine Schuber

One of my favorite things about Christmastime is wrapping. I LOVE wrapping presents! And I love making cards! Sitting down to wrap presents by a fire with Christmas music playing, and a mug of my husband’s secret recipe hot chocolate is a favorite Christmas tradition.

While there is nothing wrong with gift store wrapping and Hallmark cards, one of my favorite ideas in wrapping presents is to gather materials for wrapping rather than buying them. I own traditional Christmas wrapping paper, but I don’t always prefer to use it. I’d rather buy the tan butchers paper or white drawing sheets to wrap with. I will also use leftover maps or newspaper with foreign writing on it.

Christmas wrapping ribbon

All photos courtesy of Katherine Schuber

If I have the time, I will always chose to send a handmade card. I have a whole drawer full of random snips of paper, old stamps, photographs, postcards, buttons, ribbon and magazine pages that I cut, paste, and glue together to make a unique card or a note for a specific individual. I know I’m starting to sound like a hoarder, but I promise there are ways to keep it all organized and out of sight!

Christmas wrapping supplies

I can also tend to be a bit of a cheapskate when buying certain things. Ribbon is expensive! If I do use ribbon it is usually the kind I bought from Hobby Lobby in a $1.99 Bag with a 40% off coupon. It’s a bag of all the leftover yards of ribbon they couldn’t sell individually. Occasionally there may be some strange green color or a purple ruffled ribbon, but usually there’s lots of white and red - perfect for Christmas!

I’m impossibly in love with uniqueness. If I have a great recipe that I absolutely loved the first time I made it, the second time I have to change something! A little more pepper, or try chicken instead of sausage in it. Same goes with wrapping. I’ll wrap one package in a leftover map from Italy - tied with some burlap string (purchased at Home Depot - way cheaper than the craft stores!) - and add a little tiny red ornament I bought in a 12 pack on clearance last January at the dollar store. The second package I wrap in butchers paper and use a strip of the same map to go around the box, then tie on some spray painted magnolia leaves with creamy white ribbon. The game is to switch an element every time you wrap a new item. It’s kinda like getting dressed bohemian style. It’s all about the layers baby! All of these contribute to the personal feel of handing someone a uniquely wrapped gift.

Christmas wrapped presents

Some people might have a beautiful craft table by a sunny window overlooking holiday shoppers on the street below. I do not. Usually this is spread out over our guest room bed in the month of December. Unless we have someone coming to stay, in which case there might only be a bit of glitter hanging around. But on a really great December Saturday I drag it all into the living room and make a royal mess on the floor while my husband is watching football!

Christmas wrapped gifts

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